Maple And Gunmetal Bar Stool - Saddle

Maple And Gunmetal Bar Stool - Saddle

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When you want something that will allow you to will be stylish, comfortable, and a conversation piece while looking gorgeous and beautifying your space, this is the perfect barstool for you. The design of this barstool is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a lovely industrial style, while its natural finish and maple color are perfect for those wish to add a fashionable feel to their room. It is the best thing to have for the ambiance of your kitchen, bar, or break room. The barstool is made of high grade natural maple and gunmetal finish steel. As for measurements, they are 30" for height, 19.5" for width, and 14" for depth, and it weighs 25 pounds. If you are looking for the ultimate blend of style and function, look no further than this barstool.

- Color: Chocolate

- Material: Maple and Steel

- Style: Industrial

- Size: 30” x 19.5” x 14”